Aoife Roche

Aoife Roche

About Aoife Roche

A Corporate Background

Aoife Roche’s remarkable journey, which commenced in 2009 as she embarked on her professional voyage within the vibrant tech landscape of Ireland.

Starting her career at a promising smaller tech start-up, Aoife’s unwavering commitment and tireless efforts quickly bore fruit, catching the attention of a prominent, industry-leading organization. She was soon lured to the bustling tech hub of London, where she assumed a pivotal role within their ranks.

In the heart of London, Aoife Roche emerged as a linchpin in the triumphant execution of the ambitious HSBC EVPS project, spanning across the nations of France, Malta, and the United Kingdom. Her expertise and leadership played an instrumental role in navigating the complexities of this large-scale endeavor, ensuring its resounding success.

Throughout her illustrious career, Aoife Roche has been a driving force behind the implementation of numerous high-value technical projects, with a cumulative worth exceeding $100 Million Her influence and strategic acumen have been instrumental in steering major corporate initiatives towards triumphant outcomes

Aoife Roche

A Fitness Inspiration

Upon a profound realization that the corporate world could no longer satiate her inner aspirations, Aoife Roche embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery. It was during this quest that she unearthed her true passion, nestled within the realms of health and fitness.

In an astonishing display of dedication and determination, Aoife achieved the unimaginable. Within a mere span of 10 months of rigorous training, she ascended to the pinnacle of success, clinching the coveted Irish World Championship title in 2018. Her relentless pursuit of excellence remained undeterred, propelling her to set her sights on the United Kingdom, where she seized the prestigious Overall Bikini Model Champion title in 2019. In a competition featuring a multitude of formidable athletes, Aoife’s performance stood as a testament to her unparalleled prowess.

However, Aoife’s thirst for achievement was far from quenched. She ventured forth to the shores of the United States, where, despite self-training for the preceding 12 months, she claimed an impressive 2nd place in California.

This remarkable feat did not go unnoticed, catching the discerning eye of the legendary icon in the realm of bodybuilding, Charles Glass. Recognizing Aoife’s immense marketing potential, he extended an invitation for her to become his esteemed marketing partner.

Aoife Roche

A Serial Entrepreneur & Speaker

With her unwavering determination and creative vision, she founded her marketing agency, aptly named Attention Grabbers.

At Attention Grabbers, Aoife helps business owners, coaches, and consultants grab attention online. Her focus is on building personal and professional brands on LinkedIn, a platform that has become increasingly popular for networking and job searching.

Beyond her captivating stage presence, Aoife Roche is an expert authority in her field. With a background as an AI and marketing consultant, entrepreneur, she brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to her keynote presentations. Her insights are not just theoretical; they are grounded in practical wisdom and a proven track record of success.

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